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If you’re looking for a mobile main healer to add to your Overwatch Hero pool, look no further. Moira brings a lot of damage and healing to any team, and she is one of the safest healers in the game. Here’s how to use her abilities to get the most out of her.

Biotic Grasp

Moira’s primary fire shoots out a golden spray that heals allies for 65 per second and applies a lingering heal for 65 over four seconds. Moira has a limited amount of spray she can use, but it recharges over time or by using her alternate fire on enemies. Her alternate fire (also called Biotic Grasp) is a beam that damages a single enemy for 50 per second and heals Moira for 20 per second.

Playing Moira correctly requires you to heal as much with your primary fire as possible while recharging it with your alternate fire when necessary. Do not waste your resources on allies that don’t need healing. Always look for opportunities to damage enemies and recharge your resource with your alternate fire when allies are healthy. Try not to run out of spray, as this will leave your team vulnerable.


This is Moira’s mobility move, and it’s one of the best defensive moves in Overwatch. When she uses this, she goes invisible and moves very quickly for a short period of time. You should use Fade to get out of trouble and to reposition safely. You can also use Fade to escape from dangerous abilities like Zarya’s Graviton Surge and Sigma’s Gravitic Flux. If you jump at the end of Fade, you can even perform a “Fade jump,” which propels Moira even further.

Biotic Orb

Moira can throw two different orbs with this ability. One orb heals her teammates, while the other damages enemies. The orb will bounce off walls and slow down when healing or doing damage. You should primarily look to heal with this because it provides a huge amount of burst healing when combined with Moira’s primary fire. If your team is healthy or if there isn’t a fight going on, you can use the damage orb to gain ultimate charge. Keep in mind, however, that enemy healers will also gain ultimate charge from healing off poke damage from the damage orb.


Moira’s ultimate is quite easy to use. It’s a large beam that goes through units and damages enemies while healing allies. Try to use this during fights when enemies and allies are bunched up. You should always prioritize healing, but Coalescence is also great for picking off low-health enemies.


One of the biggest mistakes most Moira players make in Overwatch is that they don’t heal enough. Her kit is designed to heal for huge amounts while weaving in damage to restore her resource. When you play her, make sure that healing is always your main priority.

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