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Overwatch Lucio Guide

How to play Lucio, Overwatch’s speedy utility healer

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Lucio is one of Overwatch‘s most unique Heroes. When played correctly, he is one of the most impactful Heroes in the game. He is capable of healing a lot while also doing a lot of damage and providing speed for his team. On top of all of that, he can score environmental kills and he has an amazing defensive ultimate. Here are some tips on how to use his abilities.

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Lucio’s primary fire shoots four projectiles that each deal 20 damage (these can also headshot). His alternate fire does 25 damage and knocks enemies back. It also does not use any ammo.

Using Lucio’s primary fire is pretty straightforward: try to land as many headshots as possible. His alternate fire is a lot more versatile. You should always be on the lookout for enemies near ledges that you can knock off. You can also use it to peel for yourself and your teammates by knocking enemies back. That’s especially useful against melee Heroes like Reinhardt and Brigitte.


Lucio can either provide speed or healing to his team at any given time (unless he is hacked). This ability allows you to switch between the two. You should provide speed as often as possible, only healing when you or an ally within range needs it. Make sure to switch when necessary, though. Don’t be that Lucio who never heals.

Amp it up

This ability increases the amount of healing or speed provided by Lucio’s Crossfade for three seconds. You should amp up speed when you need to get through a choke or when you’re making a fast push, and you should amp up healing when your teammates are low on health during a fight. You can also switch between the two to provide both bonuses at different intervals.

Lucio Overwatch Guide

Sound Barrier

Lucio has the best defensive ultimate in the game, but you do have to use it wisely or you might not get much value out of it. Lucio gives anyone within 30 meters of him a 750 health shield that decays over time. You should use this to counter key enemy ultimates like Earthshatter, Blizzard, Graviton Surge, and Gravitic Flux. Keep in mind that Sombra’s EMP will destroy the Sound Barrier, so don’t use this if you suspect she has it ready.

Lucio’s abilities are fairly straightforward, but it will take some time for you to get the hang of his projectiles and how to use his Crossfade and Sound Barrier effectively. Be patient, and remember that you are both healer and support. Don’t forget to help out your team!