How to play Co-Op with a friend on PC in Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op with a friend
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How to play Co-Op with a friend on PC in Hogwarts Legacy

Tackle the Wizarding World together

While Hogwarts Legacy is quite enjoyable as a solo wizard, it could be double the fun with a friend to explore the game with. You could enhance your experience as a Hogwarts student even further with a friend to accompany you to class and in all of your escapades around the map. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy does not natively support Co-Op play with a friend or multiple friends.

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However, the power of mods is not to be understated. Just a couple of weeks after Hogwarts Legacy was released, modders already began work on a Co-Op mod that would allow players to play the game with a friend by their side. That mod has now come to fruition, but it’s still in its early stages. Also, unlike most other mods, this one is not entirely free. It’s also only available to players on PC, meaning console fans are left out in the cold again when it comes to modding.

Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op mod

The Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op mod was designed by the same team behind the recent multiplayer mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The team, called The Together Team, took their talents to the Wizarding World to create another multiplayer mod, but not on the same scale as the Skyrim one (at least not yet). The mod is called HogWarp, and it’s still in early access, meaning there are bugs and other small issues with it.

If players want to access the HogWarp mod, they need to subscribe to the team’s Patreon. However, a basic subscription won’t give fans access to the mod download. They need to subscribe to the $21 a month membership level, called “High Otter.” If any players fork over that money, they can install the HogWarp mod into their Hogwarts Legacy directory on PC.

After you and a friend have access to HogWarp, you can explore Hogwarts Legacy as a pair. The Together Team released a video showing the mod in action, and it appears to work relatively well. You and a friend can do quests together or separately depending on where you are in the main story. As expected, there are some performance issues with HogWarp, but hopefully, those will be resolved as the team continues to work on the mod.

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