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If you have good aim in Overwatch and want to put out both a lot of damage and a lot of healing, you should consider playing Baptiste. Along with healing and damage, the Haitian Hero also provides a lot of utility with his Immortality Field and his Amplification Matrix. Here’s how to use his abilities to help your team win games.

Exo Boots

This ability allows Baptiste to charge up while crouching and then use that charge to jump higher. You should use this ability to take the high ground. Baptiste can reach areas on the map that other Heroes might not be able to, so use this to your advantage. You can also attempt to use this to escape danger.

Biotic Launcher

Baptiste’s primary fire shoots a three-shot burst round. These three shots can also headshot. His alternate fire shoots a grenade-like projectile that bursts on impact and heals allies it hits. Keep in mind that Baptiste cannot heal himself with this.

Baptiste’s primary and alternate fire are both very straightforward. You use his primary fire to deal damage to enemies and his alternate fire to heal allies. Keep in mind that both his alternate and primary fire have different ammo, but they reload at the same time.

Regenerative Burst

This is an AOE heal that also heals Baptiste. Use this whenever you or your teammates need some extra healing. The cooldown is only thirteen seconds, so you can pretty much use this on cooldown.

Immortality Field

This is perhaps Baptiste’s strongest ability, even stronger than his Ultimate in some cases. He throws a floating object that creates a field where allies cannot fall below 20% of their maximum health.

You should always try to use this ability to save your teammates from big ultimates, such as Graviton Surge, Gravitic Flux, Earthshatter, or Dragonblade. You can also use it to save an ally from certain death. Be careful, however, because enemies can easily destroy the Immortality Field if it is poorly placed. It also has a 25-second cooldown. Always try to put it in a place where enemies will have trouble destroying it.

Amplification Matrix

Baptiste’s Ultimate creates a small square-shaped field that boosts the damage and healing of any ally projectile that passes through it. Use this in situations where your team can stand behind it and shoot through it to get maximum damage. You shouldn’t just use this for yourself, as it can greatly benefit your allies as well.

Baptiste Ultimate

Baptiste works best with tanks like Orisa and Sigma, who can provide shields and keep the team grouped up for his AOE healing and Immortality Field. He’s a decent pick on most Overwatch teams, but it’s sometimes difficult to heal mobile Heroes like Tracer and Genji. When learning Baptiste, focus on properly using your Immortality Field. Once you have this down, you should start to get a lot more wins.

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