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The Week 6 Epic and Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 will go live on Thursday, July 15. Both challenge sets have leaked online already, though, which is great for players who like to learn about them ahead of time. By simply scrolling through the sets, players will see that the Legendary Quests are a bit tougher than the Epic ones. A standout from the Legendary batch is placing cow decoys in farms, which is one of the more vague challenges in Week 6.

There are a few farms spread out across the Fortnite island, meaning that cow decoys could be in any one of them. However, Epic Games has made it a little easier on the player by keeping the decoys centralized. The two farms in question are Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm, formerly known as Steel Farm. The big question now is where players can find the necessary cow decoys.

Placing cow decoys in farms in Fortnite

There are over a dozen possible locations that players can place the cow decoys. Fortunately, players only need to place three cow decoys in either of the farms to complete this Week 6 Legendary Quest. A wise strategy would be to pick locations that don’t have a ton of players near them. Some enemies might find a weapon early and eliminate those who are trying to complete the challenge. Landing at either farm off the start is likely the best option.

Below, players can see the locations for all of the different cow decoys in Fortnite.

Place cow decoys in farms
The locations of the 14 cow decoys in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have found their three cow decoys, they simply need to interact with each. After they do this, the challenge will be complete and another Legendary Quest in Week 6 is done. Players will then be awarded 30,000 XP toward their Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.