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Editor’s note: The creator of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has made her anti-trans rights views widely known. We at Upcomer are vehemently against the views expressed by Rowling, and encourage our readers to read about the impact of her views at our sister site, The Mary Sue. If you would like to donate to help trans people in need, please visit Trans Lifeline or Mermaids UK.


Hogwarts Legacy is officially releasing on February 10 and the Wizarding World is getting more excited as the game draws closer.

While the developers at Avalanche will be taking some liberty with their construction of Hogwarts and the outside areas, much of the game will be extremely familiar to Harry Potter fans. This is especially true for the early portion of Hogwarts Legacy, as players will go through the process of picking their wand, getting sorted into their House, and seeing their Common Room.

In specific regards to the wand selection process, players will get to visit a wand maker just like Harry Potter did in the first book/movie. While players can wait until they visit the wand maker to see what instrument they’ll be using to cast spells, there is a way to see what your wand is before Hogwarts Legacy launches.

Picking your wand early in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Wand
Provided by Warner Bros

You won’t actually get to pick a specific wand to accompany your character in Hogwarts Legacy. Instead, you can take a quiz to see what type of wand suits your personality. Your wand will feature a specific type of wood and some other materials that have a backstory so you can see exactly why they specifically suit you.

Here’s how to find your wand:

  • Go to WizardingWorld.com and either sign into your account or create a new one
  • Go to the Hogwarts Sorting tab and take the quiz to be sorted into your House
  • Following that, you’ll also get to take a quiz to see what wand suits you
  • After you’ve completed the quizzes, you’ll see an eight-digit code appear on the screen
  • Copy that code and then go to WBGames.com
  • Log in or create a new account and then paste the eight-digit code that you received on Wizarding World
  • This links your account to your Wizarding World account, and it will save your specific wand

Once Hogwarts Legacy launches on Feb. 10, log into the game using the same WB Games account that’s linked with your Wizarding World account. If you’ve done that, then your specific wand will be given to you whenever you visit the wand maker.

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