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Rampart is the newest addition to the legend list in Apex Legends. Season 6 introduced her after months of waiting and the community immediately recognized how strong she can be. Her abilities are completely new to the battle royale and offer both offensive and defensive strategies. However, one aspect of Rampart that’s been majorly overlooked is her ability to mesh with other legends. One user even found a nifty trick that makes pairing Gibraltar and Rampart one of the deadliest combinations in Apex Legends.

Using Rampart with Gibraltar in Apex Legends

When it was revealed that the LMG-wielding legend could give her Tactical Ability to a teammate, players were excited. Some characters in Apex Legends don’t offer this type of support and with something as useful as Amped Cover, strategies were immediately formed. You can read more on Amped Cover in our previous post.

Although, these strategies were solely based around using Amped Cover. What many players failed to realize is that Rampart’s Ultimate Ability, Sheila, can be paired with another ability in Apex Legends. This ability is Gibraltar’s Tactical Ability, Dome of Protection. One Reddit user found a neat little strategy that helps out the entire team.

Gibby’s shield can be used to protect the gunner while actively firing (both perspectives) from apexuniversity

As the clip showcases, you can put Sheila right on the outside of the Dome of Protection. What this does is allow you to shoot Sheila at enemies while being fully protected from any incoming shots by the dome. Usually, you can’t shoot outside of the dome, but with Sheila, you can.

It’s currently unclear if this is an intended design by Respawn Entertainment. As mentioned above, the Dome of Protection hasn’t been able to have shots escape it before. However, perhaps the developers wanted Rampart to have an edge over the opposition in Apex Legends.

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