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Items are a big part of Pokémon UNITE but not all of them are available at the start of the game. Players will need to level up their trainer level and use the in-game shop to obtain all the possible items in Pokémon UNITE.

There are two types of items in Pokémon UNITE; held items and battle items. In a traditional massive online battle arena games, battle items are the spells players choose before loading into a game. In League of Legends, they are called “summoner spells” and provide map movement, self buffs and enemy debuffs or damage. Just as in LoL, battle items in Pokémon UNITE are rechargeable and activated in-game.

Held items, on the other hand, are more akin to runes. These are items that buff certain in-game statistics — like health regeneration or special attack. Players can unlock three different held item slots and customize which Pokémon gets which held item loadout. Held items can also receive upgrades through item enhancers. The enhancements go up to Level 20, as each upgrade costs more item enhancers. Players can earn item enhancements through leveling up their trainer, the Battle Pass, energy rewards or completing in-game missions.

How to get every battle item

Battle items are linked to a players trainer level. There are eight total battle items in the game currently and each is obtainable through leveling up you trainer to Level 16. Players can level up their trainer through participating in any kind of match.

Pokémon unite items
The trainer level path with Goal-Getter as the final unlockable battle item. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

The level in which each battle item is unlocked is listed below along with its in-game effect.

Potion Restores a portion of a Pokémon’s health Unlocked: Level 3
X Attack Raises a Pokémon’s attack and special attack for a short time Unlocked: Level 7
X Speed Increases a Pokémon’s movement speed and prevents movement speed debuffs for a short time Unlocked: Level 8
Fluffy Tail Leaves wild Pokémon unable to attack and increase damage dealt to them for a short time Unlocked: Level 10
Eject Button Moves a Pokémon to a designated location quickly Unlocked: Level 11
Slow Smoke Creates a cloud of smoke that decreases opponent movement speed for a short duration Unlocked: Level 13
Full Heal Removes all enemy debuffs and makes a Pokémon immune to hindrances for a short duration Unlocked: Level 14
Goal-Getter Doubles a Pokémon’s goal-scoring speed for a time Unlocked: Level 16

How to get every held item

There are double the amount of held items that players have access to. The 16 items are available for purchase in the Aeos Emporium shop. Each costs 1,000 Aeos coins or 650 Aeos tickets. Some are also available through Beginner Challengers rewards, but the fastest way to obtain them all is through the shop.

Pokémon unite items
The Aeos Emporium shop in Pokémon UNITE. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

The list below give each specific item’s statistical boost and name.

Rocky Helmet +240 health points and +42 defense
Assault Vest +270 health points and +42 special defense
Exp. Share +240 health points and +150 movement speed
Sp. Atk Specs +24 special attack
Attack Weight +18 attack
Aeos Cookie +240 health points
Score Shield +240 health points and +150 movement speed
Buddy Barrier +600 health points
Float Stone +24 attack and +120 movement speed
Focus Band +30 special defense and +30 defense
Shell Bell +24 special attack and -4.5% move cooldown
Muscle Band +15 attack and +7.5% basic attack speed
Leftovers +240 health points +9 health point recovery
Energy Amplifier +6% Aeos energy collection rate and -4.5% move cooldown
Wise Glasses +39 special attack
Scope Lens +6% critical-hit rate and +12% critical-hit damage

These numbers are also based on the item’s non-enhanced form. The numbers and percentages will increase with every level that the item increases.