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Since Overwatch 2‘s release, players have been critical of every feature and change that it comes with. One of their main concerns is if they can merge their accounts from one console to another. With that said, let’s get into how you can merge your accounts and progress over on all consoles and even PC in Overwatch 2.

Setting up Battle.net for all platforms in Overwatch 2

Hanzo aiming at Junkrat on the stairs in Overwatch 2
Provided by John Carlo Vijuan

Usually, cross-progression is a rare sight for video games these days. Thankfully, you can easily set all these up using Battle.net with a few caveats. Here’s how you can merge your accounts in Overwatch 2:

  1. If you’re playing on consoles, create a Battle.net account
  2. After doing so, you should log in and click your name at the top-right corner next to support
  3. Click on Account Settings > Connections
  4. You can connect from this page through XBOX Live, Nintendo, or Playstation Network. Select your console and log in with your credentials
  5. You should be able to see the word “Connected to ____” after

Once you have connected your account through Blizzard, you need to log in through Overwatch on your console and confirm the merge.

If you want to transfer from Playstation to XBOX, then make sure you connect both your Playstation and XBOX through Battle.net using this method. For PC, you should be able to play straight from the Battle.net app by logging in through your account. Your progress will carry over from any platform you play on, and every skin you unlock will be on your account permanently.

Depending on the console, there is a cooldown on how often you can change the linked accounts. Any virtual currency redeemed/purchased through XBOX, Playstation, or PC will not be accessible on Nintendo Switch. Lastly, if you have an existing Overwatch account on Battle.net and decide to perform the merge, Blizzard will remove any progress you made through the console.

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