How to make the Floo Flame lady stop talking in Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame
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How to make the Floo Flame lady stop talking in Hogwarts Legacy

No more "It's so nice to see you again"

There are so many positive things to say about Hogwarts Legacy. From the majestic open world to the beautiful recreation of Hogwarts castle, players have not found much to complain about with the core game. However, if all players were polled and asked to name one thing to change in Hogwarts Legacy, many would likely say something about the Floo Flame lady.

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During the early parts of the game, it’s a delight to see her, as you presumably just discovered another fast travel point in the giant maze that is Hogwarts. Although, as you progress through the story and discover most of the fast travel points, all you’ll be hearing as you pass through different corridors is one of three catchphrases that the Floo Flame lady repeats constantly. You either hear “It’s so nice to see you again,” “Going off on another adventure, are we?” or ” I wonder what you’re up to now.” If you would like to disable these catchphrases altogether and you’re on PC, then you’re lucky you stumbled onto this guide.

Quiet the Floo Flame lady in Hogwarts Legacy

Like many post-launch fixes in modern PC gaming, this feature comes in the form of a mod. A new mod appeared last week on the popular website NexusMods, which is where a majority of PC players go if they’re looking to improve their game. Creator TangerieDev made a mod that is called “Silencio – Floo Lady Silencer,” which does exactly what it sounds like it does.

When installed, this mod quiets the Floo Flame lady anytime you pass by her in the halls or out in the open world. No longer will you hear her catchphrases to no end. We’ve previously written a guide on how to install Hogwarts Legacy mods, but in case you need a refresher, all you need to do is locate your Hogwarts Legacy game file in File Explorer. Then, you need to find the folder called “Paks.”

After you locate the folder, download the mod from NexusMods and then extract the file and download it into the Paks folder within your Hogwarts Legacy directory. Relaunch your game, and if all went well, the Floo Flame lady will be quiet as you pass her.

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