How to level up through battle passes fast in VALORANT
VALORANT level up fast
Provided by Riot Games.

How to level up through battle passes fast in VALORANT

Missions key to quick level ups in VALORANT

Part of the fun in VALORANT is grinding your way through the battle pass every season.

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But VALORANT’s battle passes can sometimes be tough to progress through, so here are some tips to level up and go through tiers quickly. It all revolves around playing a good amount, but also completing the missions that appear on the main menu.

Missions are key to fast level-ups in VALORANT

In VALORANT, the most important thing to access cool cosmetics in the game is through the battle pass. Whether you go for the free or premium version, getting all the way to the end can take a while over the course of the act.

The missions tab in VALORANT. | Provided by Michael Czar.

Completing games on their own can help you get experience and go through your battle pass. But, these are based on things such as how many rounds you played and won. To help, there are multiple things that can increase the percentage of experience you get in the game.

One thing you should do right away is connect your Riot Games account to a Microsoft with Xbox Game Pass purchased on it. As long as those accounts are connected and the Game Pass subscription is live, all agents will be unlocked and all experience in-game is increased by 20%. On top of that, if the premium battle pass is purchased, you also get another extra 3% bonus experience.

match results VALORANT
Match results after a typical match. | Provided by Michael Czar.

Asides from that, missions are the way to do it quickly. In VALORANT, there are both daily and weekly challenges. Daily missions are relatively easy and can be completed in a few games. Weekly missions take more time, but also give a lot more XP. For example, the image above shows two daily missions, 2000 XP each. Weekly missions can give closer to 20,000 XP each. Completing all missions, daily and weekly, can get close to 90,000 XP weekly.

While the daily challenges disappear every day, the weekly missions can stack for two weeks. So, even if you miss a week or don’t complete them, you’ll have the next week’s missions waiting for you.

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