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There’s a new set of Punchcard quests available in Fortnite Season 8 courtesy of Raven and Nitehare. The two new NPCs arrived on the island earlier in the week and each brought five Punchcard quests with them. Players can seek both Raven and Nitehare out on the map to start their respective questlines. For players inclined to see Raven first, they’ll be presented with two Sideways quests to start, with the second of those requiring a launch from a corruption vent.

For starters, some players might not know how to enter The Sideways, let alone how to launch themselves from a corruption vent somewhere in the alternate reality. This article will help players who are struggling to complete this Punchcard quest from Raven in Fortnite.

Launching from a corruption vent in Fortnite Season 8

To start this quest, players need to actually find a way to enter The Sideways. Upcomer has covered the various methods previously but players essentially have two different ways. There’s one main way that players want to use for this challenge, though.

At the start of each match, players can pull up their map and see that a random POI has turned purple and orange. The POI will have a giant bubble around it, which means it’s home to The Sideways for that current match. All players have to do is land at the location and enter the bubble, which will transport them to The Sideways.

From here, players need to find small, red craters on the ground. These craters are the corruption vents that players need to launch from. To do this, players simply need to walk over one of the craters and they’ll be lifted into the air for a few seconds, completing the challenge in one fell swoop.

Players are awarded 30,000 XP for completing this Raven Punchcard quest in Fortnite. They can now move on to the rest of Raven’s challenges and earn even more XP.