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Ryujin Industries is one of the primary factions that you are able to join over the course of your journey in Starfield. The company is located on the planet Volii Alpha in the city of Neon, which you can reach after completing the game’s tutorial missions. However, before you visit Neon, there are some tasks you need to complete if you want to become a member of Ryujin Industries.

Unlike the United Colonies and Freestar Collective, Ryujin Industries is an actual business with employees, salaries, and even a bonus structure. Upon joining Ryujin Industries in Starfield, you will start out as a low-level employee but can work your way up to uncover some interesting storylines happening around the company and in Neon itself.

Before you get to do any of that, though, you need to fill out a job application for Ryujin Industries. Let’s get to work!

Filling out a job application for Ryujin Industries

join Ryujin Industries in Starfield
The job application for Ryujin Industries. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Prior to heading out to Neon, you can complete your job application for the company on New Atlantis. This is done by going near the Galbank building in the commercial district and using one of the Ryujin booths to access a terminal and answer some basic questions. If you’re already in Neon, though, you can head to the Neon Core area and find one of Ryujin’s terminals on the main street.

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The application will ask you a few questions, but it doesn’t matter what your answers are. Regardless, you will receive a new quest that tells you to interview for the job at Ryujin at their headquarters in Neon.

Join Ryujin Industries in Starfield

join Ryujin Industries in Starfield
One of the executives at Ryujin. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Travel to the Ryujin Industries building at the far end of the Neon Core and talk to the secretary behind the desk. Then, you can visit a woman named Imogene Salzo in her office. Imogene will ask you some more questions about the job, and once again, your answers don’t matter. I suggest answering in the best way possible to land the job, though.

Once you’re done, Imogene will hire you and you will begin working for Ryujin Industries immediately. Your first task will be to get coffee for some executives but don’t worry, the job gets much more exciting after that. When your coffee run is done, which doesn’t involve just coffee, you will be a full-fledged member of Ryujin Industries in Starfield.

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