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Epic Games revealed the Fortnite Rift Tour earlier today, which takes place from Aug. 6-8. Not much is officially known about the event but there’s a countdown timer in-game and some massive leaks surrounding it. While fans wait to learn more, they can head into a new challenge set in Fortnite, promptly named the “Rift Tour” challenges. The set isn’t too difficult to complete but one challenge involves players finding Rift Tour posters on the map. The problem with this is that no location for the posters is given.

Similar to the weekly Epic and Legendary Quests, Epic Games is letting fans figure out this challenge on their own. Of course, nothing stays private for long in the Fortnite community. The posters’ locations have been uncovered and fans can see exactly where to find them below.

Finding Rift Tour posters in Fortnite

For this challenge, only one Rift Tour poster must be interacted with in order to earn full completion. However, Epic Games has included four posters in a specific location to make it a little easier on fans. The posters can be found in Misty Meadows and are scattered around the southwestern part of the POI.

Below, fans can see exactly where each poster is located.

Fortnite Rift Tour posters
The location of all four Rift Tour posters in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have selected the poster they want to interact with, all that’s left is to find it. They’re located on the walls of individual buildings in Misty Meadows. After a player spots one, they can walk up to it, hold the interact button and the challenge will complete. This will reward players with the Rift-sterpiece spray in Fortnite. Players can then move on to the other tasks in the Rift Tour challenge set.

The Rift Tour will begin on Aug. 6 and is confirmed to involve a record-breaking musical star and a possible concert.