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Epic Games has yet again changed up the way players complete challenges in Fortnite. The arrival of Season 8 has introduced the return of Punchcard quests, which are specific to the game’s NPCs. There are over a dozen NPCs in Season 8 and each has a different questline for players to complete in exchange for XP. One of the NPCs called Pitstop challenges players to interact with an overturned car and flip it right side up.

This challenge is difficult for two reasons. First, players aren’t sure where they can find cars in Fortnite Season 8 because the map has been altered from Season 7. Second, players don’t know how to overturn a car, and that’s the crux of the quest. Below, players can see exactly how to complete this Pitstop Punchcard quest in Fortnite.

How to find an overturned car in Fortnite Season 8

To complete this challenge, players can head to a location by Believer Beach straight from the Battle Bus. The location players want is just southeast of the POI and north of the orange aftermath on the map. Players can see exactly where to go below.

Fortnite Overturned Car
Provided by Epic Games

In this spot, there will always be an overturned car in Fortnite. This spot is well-known, though, so players will need to watch out for enemies looking to complete the same challenge.

Once players find the car, they can get near it and hold the interact button to flip it right side up. Once this is done, players will receive a notification on their screen stating that the Punchcard quest has been completed. This will reward players 20,000 XP and the ability to move onto other Punchcard quests from Pitstop and other NPCs.