How to hide and reveal your Act Rank Badge in VALORANT
VALORANT Act Rank Badge, boarder levels, and arrows
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How to hide and reveal your Act Rank Badge in VALORANT

A player's Act Rank Badge is an important part of compeitive
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VALORANT Act Badges showcase a player’s achievements in competitive between the Episode’s Acts. These Act Badges used to be shown during the loading screen of every competitive queue, but Riot Games has recently changed how Act Badges are displayed. Alongside several other privacy settings in-game, players can choose whether their Act Badge is visible or not.

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To reduce toxicity in competitive, Riot Games removed teammate ranks from the leaderboard in-game. This was to prevent teammates from targeting players’ performance based on their current ranking. Now, when the game concludes, all players’ Act Ranks will be revealed on the leaderboard on the end-game screen. If players would like to remain anonymous with their Act Badges, it can easily switch the visibility off.

Where to find a player’s Act Rank

After opening the VALORANT client, players will need to click the “career” tab to access their match history. Next to the tab that says “match history” there will be another tab to the right that will say “Act Rank.” Once the tab is clicked, the Act Rank and Badge will be visible to the user. Here players will be able to see how they have done in previous Episodes and Acts from the time they started playing.

Screenshot of the Act Rank tab in the VALORANT menu
Image provided by Riot Games

How to hide or reveal the Act Badge

At the bottom of the Act Rank page, players will see a checkable diamond below their border level. This diamond is checked on by default and will need to be unchecked if players want to remain anonymous. Next to the diamond is an option that says: “Show previous Act Rank on my Player Card.” This will showcase the player’s Act Badge from the previous Act. If they did not play enough games the previous Act to fill the badge, their Act Badge will not appear on their player cards.

Screenshot of the menu where you can check off your Act Rank visibility
Image provided by Riot Games

If the Act Rank is visible on a player’s player card, it will appear in the loading screen during the competitive queue. It will be visible to everyone on the player’s own team as well as their opponents. However, if this is left unchecked, the player’s Act Rank remains hidden regardless of the number of games played.

What is the Act Rank and Badge?

Screenshot of an Act Rank badge in VALORANT
Act Rank badges show off your progress through each Episode’s Acts. Image provided by Riot Games

The Act Rank is VALORANT’s way of showcasing a player’s true rank, regardless of where they are currently placed. It is determined by the highest win at a certain rank. If a player has won a game at Silver 3 but is currently ranked Silver 1, Silver 3 will still show on their Act Badge. As the Act progresses, the Act Badge will fill up with the number of wins at different ranks. The more wins at a rank a player has, the more that triangle will fill up their Act Badge.

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