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how to get zacian unite license

How to get Zacian UNITE license in Pokémon UNITE

Pokemon Sword's mascot slashes its way into Pokemon Unite!

Pokémon Day was earlier this week and it came with a new addition to the Pokémon UNITE roster. Zacian joins the battle as part of a special in-game event: Adventure in Zacian’s Weald.

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The Adventure in Zacian’s Weald lasts in Pokémon UNITE until Sunday March 26 at 4:59 p.m. PDT. To progress in the event, players will have to earn dice by logging in and completing objectives to advance squares on a board. As players advance, they can complete more missions to earn adventure coins which can be exchanged for the Zacian UNITE license.

how to get zacian unite license
Zacian’s debut in Pokemon Unite | From Pokemon Unite

How to get Zacian’s UNITE license

From February 27 until the end of the event, players can earn three free Adventure Dice to roll during the event. This is currently the only way to earn these dice for free, as additional dice cost 20 Aeos Gems.

After obtaining an adventure mission, players must complete at least one of the listed tasks to roll more dice. These tasks will correspond to rewards and temporary licenses obtained during the event. Tasks can be finished instantly for a cost of four Aeos Gems for an even faster track to Zacian.

Passing the Goal Squares will reward Aeos Tickets and Adventure Coins without the need to complete Adventure missions. While Zacian is the goal of the event, players can earn many extra rewards, cosmetics and in-game items by putting the time in.

Once a player reaches 600 Adventure Coins, they can exchange them for Zacian’s UNITE license. This is the only way to obtain the license in Pokémon UNITE at this time. But past events like Mew’s introduction to the game likely mean Zacian will be available for purchase normally after the event period concludes.

To commemorate Pokémon Day, players can redeem the gift code POKEMONDAY to earn a gold Zacian boost emblem. This emblem will come with a strong utility for Zacian in battle, so be sure to claim it before its gone.

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