How to get your TFT Set 6 Wrapped
TFT Set 6 wrapped allows players to see how they played the most recent set
TFT Set 6 wrapped allows players to see how they played the most recent set | Provided by Tactics.Tools

How to get your TFT Set 6 Wrapped

Players can access a personalized wrap up of their TFT Set 6 journey for free

In two days, players will be saying goodbye to one of the best sets in Teamfight Tactics history. With the arrival of TFT: Neon Nights, many memories of the first half of TFT set 6 will be gone. But a website called is here to keep those memories alive. Starting today, players can get a personalized snapshot of their entire play history throughout the TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets expansion for free with no downloads. Here are the details on what the TFT Set 6 Wrapped is and how to access it.

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What is TFT Set 6 Wrapped

The TFT Set 6 wrapped is styled after the Spotify wrapped, which is a personalized review of a user’s listening habits for the year. In this iteration, the TFT Set 6 wrapped gives players raw stats like total board value and items used. It also includes grades based on five key categories. These categories are: Compositions, Items, Econs, Execution and Flexibility.

However, the category stats are not unique to this TFT Set 6 wrapped. In fact, players can access them at any time using the website. Things also available to players through the website include the results per placement and LP gained from champions, items and traits.

As for things unique to the wrapped, players get to see the number of three-star champions they played for each cost. The website even lets players see lobbies for special high roll games where they got a five-cost three-star champion.

Players are also able to see what chase traits they got throughout the set. This section breaks down how many prismatic traits were hit, how many ended in a top-four and finally how many ended in a win.

One of the more exciting features of the TFT Set 6 Wrapped includes the “Favorite Team Compositions” tab that shows players how many games they played with a specific composition and their average placement with them.

The TFT Set 6 Wrapped even includes statistics of win rates based on a players’ tactician selection. The Rivals section actually tells players which opponents they faced off against the most, along with who placed better overall in those games.

The “Did you know?” section includes specific game highlights. These include the games a player had the most emblems in, the game with the most three-star champions, the game with the most player damage, the closest game and finally the most expensive board game.

The bow-tie on the Wrapped shows players a portrait featuring all the champions played along the way.

How to get it

Players can check out their personalized sheet by hopping over to the website. When players arrive at the website, the Set 6 Wrapped tab is located at the top of the screen. Once clicked, all players need to do is type in their in-game name and select their region.

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