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If you’re tired of wandering around picking up sticks, then the next best thing is gathering Wood Bundles. Not only can they be used for fuel, but they can be used to craft items, build structures, and more.

Surviving and thriving in Nightingale is all about gaining resources and crafting new and more powerful tools. That’s where Wood Bundles come in. Early in the game, you are told to gather sticks off the ground to get wood, but this becomes tedious pretty quickly and isn’t particularly efficient.

So, here’s how you can get Wood Bundles in Nightingale.

How to get Wood Bundles in Nightingale

Thankfully, getting Wood Bundles in Nightingale is actually super easy. Simply take a Wood Axe of any rarity, even the Makeshift kind, and chop down a tree. When it falls, you will be granted Wood Bundles which you can then use to craft new items.

You can also chop up logs that are scattered on the ground across the world if you don’t want to destroy the natural beauty of the trees.

A Nightingale character holding an axe, with a chopped tree.
If it has the green symbol, you can chop it. Screenshot via Upcomer

You can also purchase Wood Bundles from Essence Traders, who can be found as you travel around the realms. You’ll need Essence Dust to buy them, but this is an option if you simply can’t be bothered doing it yourself.

What can you use Wood Bundles for

Wood Bundles are pretty self-explanatory, it’s wood that you can use for crafting. It can be used to make tools like Mining Axes or Climbing Picks, and can be used as fuel to cook items too.

If you have a Simple Saw Table, you can turn it into things like Lumber (used to make buildings,) Paper, Poles, and more. There’s no shortage of things you can do with wood, and it is an essential ingredient in Nightingale, make no mistake, just like Stone Blocks.

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