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An MW3 player hiding behind a riot shield.
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How to get two primary weapons in MW3

Learn how to carry two primary weapons in Modern Warfare 3 using Vests and their perks.

Sometimes, you just need more firepower than the solitary primary weapon in your regular loadout. That’s when you need to carry two primary weapons, and here’s what you need to do it in Modern Warfare 3.

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To carry two, you’re going to need to use the game’s Vests feature. Each vest has its own special ability, but not all of them let you carry, for example, two Assault Rifles.

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Which vests let you carry two primary weapons in MW3?

Two vests let you carry two primary weapons in Modern Warfare 3: the Gunner Vest and the Overkill vest.

Unlocked at level 20, the Gunner vest also comes with some handy tools like deploying you with maximum ammo and faster reloading. The Overkill vest isn’t unlocked until level 50 but offers increased weapon swap speed and the ability to reload while sprinting.

Personally, I would suggest using the Overkill vest if you have it unlocked. The Gunner vest’s max ammo perk is useful, but running Scavenger can replace it pretty easily, while the Overkill vest’s reload while sprinting ability is useful in combat.

MW3's Loadout Screen, showing the Overkill vest highlighted on the screen.
The Overkill vest is my personal choice between the two. Screenshot via Upcomer

How to carry two primary weapons

To carry two primary weapons in MW3:

  1. Go to the Weapons tab on MW3’s multiplayer lobby menu.
  2. Select the custom loadout that you want to use two primary weapons on.
  3. Go to the Vest section. This can be found just above the first weapon slot.
  4. Select either the Gunner or Overkill vest depending on your preference.
  5. Go back to the custom loadout screen.
  6. Select the second gun spot. You will now be able to equip two primary weapons.

What are the benefits of carrying two primary weapons?

The biggest benefit of carrying two primary weapons is the ability to have the right weapon for every situation. For example, say you are running a sniper rifle. That’s great for long-range fights and picking off enemies from a distance, but what happens if an enemy sneaks up on you close-range?

Having a second primary weapon means you can have an SMG or an assault rifle stowed away, ready for those scenarios.

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