How to get the Wu-Tang Clan items in Fortnite
Wu-Tang outfits in Fortnite
Wu-Tang outfits in Fortnite | Provided by Epic Games

How to get the Wu-Tang Clan Fortnite items and IRL merch

Grab your clan items and cause da ruckus

The Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most influential hip-hop groups of our generation, is landing in Fortnite. From Saturday April 23, 8 p.m. ET players will be able to rep the W. Here’s all the items and how to get them.

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Throwback BG Outfit

The first of two iconic Wu-Tang items is the Throwback BG Outfit. The outfit comes with a matching WuWear Worldwide Back Bling. The back bling is reactive to music. Both the back bling and outfit have additional Ruckus Red styles that are included. The Outfit also has an extra style without the cap. Players can purchase the Neck Protector Pickaxe which is responsive to hits.

Throwback BG Outfit with included items
Throwback BG Outfit with included items | Provided by Epic Games

Taking a guess from similar Fortnite collaboration events, this outfit will probably be approx. 1,200-1,500 V-Bucks. Judging by the fact that the pickaxe is reactive, it will probably land around the 500-800 V-Bucks amount.

B.R.I.T.E Outfit

The second of the Wu-Tang outfits is the B.R.I.T.E Outfit. It also comes with a music reactive back bling called “Wu-Tang Represent”. Players can purchase an additional Triumphant Tagger Pickaxe which creates a trail of paint when swung. The outfit, back bling, and pickaxe all come with alternative Ruckus Red Style. The outfit has an additional no cap style.

B.R.I.T.E Outfit and items
B.R.I.T.E Outfit and items | Provided by Epic Games

Bundles and extra items

Players can purchase the “Wu-Tang is Forever” emote in the Item Shop. There’s also the Shimmy Surfer Glider and Wu Wrap items in the Shop. Like many Fortnite collaboration items, a We Wear Gear Bundle will be available for players to purchase. The Bundle includes all the items above as well as an additional Wu Boom Box Spray and Clan Banner loading screen. Bundles usually come in around the 2,500 V-Bucks mark. Read more about these on the Fortnite blog.

IRL items

It’s not often that players can rock their in-game looks in real life. But Wu-Tang is changing that. For a very limited time, the Fortnite in-game outfits will also be available to purchase as physical world apparel. The merchandise will be available from the Wu-Tang store later this weekend.

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