How to get the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Whetstone Knife
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How to get the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring

One of the ways to increase your weapons' power
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One of the returning features from the Dark Souls series in Elden Ring is the ability to add skills to your weapons. In Dark Souls, these additions are known as Weapon Arts but in Elden Ring, they’re called Ashes of War. They’re basically the same as Weapon Arts, allowing players to equip a specific skill to their weapon. This skill is then used by pressing a keybind with the weapon equipped. Before you can do any of that in Elden Ring, though, you need to acquire a Whetstone Knife.

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The Whetstone Knife is the only way to add Ashes of War to your weapons. Even if you manage to find an Ash of War before acquiring the Whetstone Knife, you won’t be able to equip it at a Site of Grace. So if you’re looking to expedite the process and find the knife right away, keep reading below.

Finding the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring

To find the Whetstone Knife, all you need to do is open up a treasure chest. The first chest you open up in Elden Ring will yield the knife, no matter what chest it is. So if you manage to venture into a dungeon in Limgrave or go all the way to Stormveil Castle, your first treasure chest will have the Whetstone Knife inside. You will also acquire your first Ash of War, which will depend on what starting class you chose.

Whetstone Knife Elden Ring
The in-game explanation for adding Ashes of War to a weapon. | Provided by FromSoftware

Probably the first and easiest location to acquire the knife is at the Gatefront Ruins. This is located in Limgrave and can be found north of Agheel Lake. Once at the location, you can choose to take out all of the lingering guards or sneak your way past to find a staircase leading underground. This can be found near the middle road that’s on the eastern side of the location. Down the staircase will be a treasure chest, which will contain the Whetstone Knife if that’s the first one you’ve opened up.

Now, if you find any Ashes of War, you can equip them when you visit a Site of Grace.

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