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Fornite has collaborated with plenty of partners in the past to help players get skins for free. For example, PlayStation Plus subscribers often receive free skins with celebration packs. Even the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One provided exclusive skins with Fortnite-bundled consoles or special accessories. Dataminers recently discovered a new skin collaboration, and this one might be the priciest deal to date. This time, Fortnite has partnered with Intel to give players the entire Splash Squadron set, which includes the Surf Strider skin, a glider, and a pickaxe, all for free.

The catch is that players must purchase a qualifying Intel Core processor to unlock the set for free. Players have from November 2 to March 31 to purchase the Intel Core processor and redeem the offer on Intel’s website.

The list of qualifying processors is rather massive, so here’s a handy datamined screen capture of all of the processors.

free Fortnite Splash Squadron
List of qualifying Intel Core processors via iFireMonkey

How to redeem the offer for a free Fortnite Splash Squadron set

To redeem the offer for a free Fortnite Splash Squadron bundle, first visit Intel’s software offer page: software.intel.com. Then follow the directions below.

  • Log into your Intel Account or create a new one.
  • Click on the “Redeem Offer” link after logging in. Make sure you have your original receipt with you, as the site will ask for the unit’s SKU and date of purchase.
  • Download and run the Intel Hardware Scanning Tool and run the scan.
  • Once the scan verifies the eligibility of your device, you will receive an email confirming the offer is ready.
  • Go back to your Intel account and complete a mandatory survey.
  • Once that is complete, you will need to connect your Intel and Epic Games accounts.
  • Your free Splash Squadron set should then appear in your Fortnite account.

You can buy either the Intel processor solo, if you’re building your own rig, or you can buy a new desktop or laptop that already has one of these processors. Either way, you will qualify for the free set.