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The Breathless Blades pickaxe is one of the most popular cosmetics in Fortnite this year. Taking the classic Drift style, the pickaxe is double-bladed and features a pink accent that players have been dying to get their hands on.

When Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite launched earlier in the week, many players immediately wondered if Breathless Blades would become available for purchase or even be featured on the Battle Pass. However, there are also players that claim the pickaxe is no longer available in Fortnite. So which side is correct?

Can players obtain the Breathless Blades pickaxe?

The short answer to the posed question is no; players can’t purchase or earn the Breathless Blades pickaxe in Fortnite Season 6. Unfortunately, for those wishing to add it to their locker, the cosmetic was discontinued after Epic Games concluded the Valentine’s Day “Hearts Wild Quest” in February.

In order for players to have earned Breathless Blades, they needed to complete all 11 challenges within the quest. Once that was complete, the pickaxe was in their locker forever. However, limited-time event cosmetics have a timer and after the timer is up, the cosmetic is no longer available.

For players that did complete the Hearts Wild quest challenges, Breathless Blades appeared in Fortnite lockers today, March 18. Epic Games delayed the arrival of the pickaxe until now. This is why so many players are wondering how to earn it in Season 6.

Those wondering if Breathless Blades will make a return in Fortnite shouldn’t get their hopes up. Limited-time cosmetics rarely release again after an event has concluded. However, Epic Games has re-released Battle Pass skins from the early seasons of Fortnite. So, there’s still a sliver of hope that Breathless Blades could see the Item Shop in a future season.

For players who haven’t completed the Hearts Wild quest challenges, and did not receive the pickaxe, they can contact Epic Games through their contact page.