How to get the best PC keybinds for Elden Ring
Elden Ring PC keybinds
Provided by FromSoftware

How to get the best PC keybinds for Elden Ring

Dominate the controls on PC
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The PC version of Elden Ring has not gotten off to the best start. The port is poorly optimized, leading to frame drops and stutters, no matter what hardware you have in your rig. While you can use our steps to slightly increase your FPS, it won’t change things much until FromSoftware releases more updates. In the meantime, you can try to master the PC version of Elden Ring by using the recommended set of keybinds.

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Traditionally, FromSoftware titles are played on a controller. The controls simply make more sense with the input device, leading to players mastering the keybinds for dodging, attacking and other mechanics famously found in these types of games. However, if players are more comfortable on a keyboard and mouse, they can use them to the fullest extent.

Although, the default keybinds aren’t too great when you first load up Elden Ring, you can take a look at our recommended set of PC keybinds.

Best PC keybinds in Elden Ring

There are four major control categories for PC in Elden Ring: Move, Camera Controls, Switch Armament and Attack. All of these controls will have a default keybind but we’ve changed a lot of those up in our recommended list.

Elden Ring PC keybinds
There are four major control categories for PC in Elden Ring: Move, Camera Controls, Switch Armament and Attack. | Provided by FromSoftware


  • Movement Control: Left Control
  • Move Forwards: W
  • Move Backwards: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Backstep, Dodge Roll, Dash: Left Alt/Mouse Button 4/5
  • Jump: Space
  • Crouch/Stand Up: C

Camera Controls

  • Move Camera/Change Target (Up): T
  • Move Camera/Change Target (Down): G
  • Move Camera/Change Target (Left): V
  • Move Camera/Change Target: B
  • Reset Camera, Lock-On/Remove Target: Q/Middle-Mouse Button

Switch Armaments

  • Attack (RH And Two-Handed Armament): Left Mouse
  • Strong Attack (RH and 2H Armament): Shift + Left Mouse
  • Guard (LH Armament): Right Mouse
  • Skill: F/Shift + Right Mouse
  • Use Item: R
  • Event Action: E

These PC keybinds may be strange but less so than the defaults given to you. Perhaps the one that players might consider changing is Backstep, Dodge Roll and Dash, which is bound to Left Alt on our list. This is a weird keybind, but it sits perfectly beneath your movement keys and doesn’t involve any crazy finger movements to press. However, we also gave the option of binding it to your mouse buttons if you want something that isn’t on the keyboard.

For the camera controls, we went with keybinds that weren’t in use. You’ll likely only use Q, which locks on to targets, but having some other options to switch targets is always beneficial. The rest of the PC keybinds are fairly straightforward, but can definitely be changed based on your personal preference in Elden Ring.

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