How to get Shrivelfig fruit in Hogwarts Legacy
Shrivelfig fruit Hogwarts Legacy
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How to get Shrivelfig fruit in Hogwarts Legacy

An important crafting item to find

There are several plants that you are able to buy and grow in Hogwarts Legacy. From the basic Fluxweed Stem to the more advanced Mandrake Roots, your Herbology lessons will become more important as the game goes on. However, one plant that Herbology does not teach you about is the Shrivelfig fruit, which is seemingly impossible to find out in the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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And, well, that’s because it is. You are currently not able to find Shrivelfig fruit anywhere on the map in the form of a drop or a lootable plant. However, if you are looking for Shrivelfig fruit, there is one place where you can buy it.

Getting Shrivelfig fruit in Hogwarts Legacy

Like most other plants and ingredients, you can find Shrivelfig fruit at the Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade. The Magic Neep is a shop that can be found to the northwest of the town, across a small bridge. You need to visit this shop when you first visit Hogsmeade.

Shrivelfig Fruit in Hogwarts Legacy
Provided by Warner Bros

At the Magic Neep, talk to the shopowner outside the house and you will be able to buy Shrivelfig fruit for 150 gold each. This is on the pricier side, so if you have access to the Room of Requirement, there is a much more cost-effective way of acquiring Shrivelfig fruit. This is through growing it in a potting table in the Room of Requirement.

You can purchase the necessary seeds for Shrivelfig fruit at the Magic Neep, under the “Room of Requirement Items” section. Buy the seeds, then return to your potting table and select the Shrivelfig fruit option from the list of available plants. You only need a medium or large potting table to grow Shrivelfig fruit. To craft these tables, you need to visit Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade and buy the Spellcrafts for either of them.

Shrivelfig fruit takes around 15 minutes to grow, but once you have planted it, you technically have an infinite supply of the plant in Hogwarts Legacy.

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