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On April 27, Epic Games released the v16.30 update into Fortnite Season 6. Unlike other updates this season, this latest has introduced a solid amount of new content to the battle royale. Among these changes is the Explosive Bow, which is manned by Glyph Master Raz at a certain location on the map.

The Explosive Bow is a distinctive weapon in Fortnite. Its stats are consistent with a single pump from a shotgun but, as it’s a bow, it only has one shot. Luckily, the reload time isn’t too long, so players can fire off enough shots to eliminate a fully shielded enemy before they can fire a fatal blow.

In order for players to try out the new bow, though, they need to take down Raz. This can be quite the challenge.

Finding Raz’s Explosive Bow in Fortnite

The best way to acquire the Explosive Bow is to drop near Raz at the start of a match. The Glyph Master is located at The Spire in the center of the map, so players should be able to drop here in most matches.

Once at The Spire, players will need to find some loot quickly. Other players will likely try to acquire the bow as well, so getting to Raz first is imperative. After some solid loot has been acquired, a player must then find Raz patrolling The Spire. The NPC is never in a set spot, so this step will require some searching.

After a player has found the NPC, they can start shooting and build when necessary. Raz’s bullets pack a punch, so players shouldn’t be afraid to back off every now and then. Once the NPC has been defeated, the Explosive Bow will drop and players are then able to pick it up and add it to their inventory.

Raz’s Explosive Bow is a formidable weapon that takes some practice to get used to. However, it is a reliable weapon, dealing 98 damage to players as long as all three of its bombs hit.