How to get Overwatch 2 beta codes by watching the Overwatch League
Overwatch 2 beta League
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How to get Overwatch 2 beta codes by watching the Overwatch League

Certain opening matches will offer beta code giveaways

With the fifth season of the Overwatch League starting soon, the league announced that 1,500 beta codes per hour for Overwatch 2 will be released during the opening weekend. This gives fans who missed the pre-beta signups and the Twitch drops another chance to get beta access. The opening weekend of the Overwatch League begins on May 5, and specific matches will have beta code giveaways.

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Another chance for Overwatch 2 beta access

With the fifth season of OWL starting on the Overwatch 2 beta, fans are still trying to get access to it themselves. The first wave of beta players came through applying on the Overwatch 2 beta website. But, if someone were to apply now, that application only works for future betas. So, the developers decided to use Twitch drops on Day 2 to guarantee access for avid fans. Now, the time for Overwatch 2 beta Twitch drops is over.

However, the first weekend of Overwatch League matches will offer Overwatch 2 beta access codes for players that missed out. Only select matches will have the beta code giveaways attached to them. There are a limited amount of codes, with 1,500 codes per hour going out. Matches are scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. ET on May 5.

How to connect your accounts to get beta access

To get these codes, simply connect your account to your YouTube account. That begins with going to your account settings on the top right. Then, click the “Connected apps” tab on the left. One of those apps is, and clicking connect will open up another tab for you to log in to the account you want the beta access on. This process is the same as the token process from last year, so if you have your account already connected from last year, just watching the streams will put you in contention for the giveaway.

Also, on the Overwatch League channel itself, the rewards button below the stream will assist you in connecting your accounts if you have not already.

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