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Food items and ingredients have been one of the most difficult things to locate in the Paldea region of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Players are more focused than ever on food in Scarlet and Violet, specifically sandwiches. This is primarily so players can take advantage of the many buffs they gain once a sandwich or other food item is consumed. Several of the ingredients needed for these tasty dishes have been tough to track down, though. One of the more difficult items to find in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has been Noodles.

Noodles aren’t used in many sandwich recipes, as one would expect. Their description in-game even states that they might not be the best ingredient for a sandwich. However, if players are looking to make one of the few recipes that call for Noodles, they will need to know how to locate the ingredient. We will fully explain how to purchase Noodles below.

Getting Noodles in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Currently, the only location that players can purchase Noodles at is Sure Cans stores. These stores are like the Deli Cioso and Artisan Bakery shops, except for the fact that they are far less common. Players can usually find a Deli Cioso in most major cities across Paldea, but the same can’t be said for Sure Cans.

Instead, players can only find these specific shops in four cities:

  • Mesagoza
  • Levincia
  • Porto Marinada
  • Cascarrafa

The easiest location to visit is Mesagoza, as there is a Sure Cans shop on both the east and west sides of the city. Players can find a Sure Cans if they look at their map, zoom in using ZR, and then hover over all of the icons. One of the icons will be for a Sure Cans shop, and they can head there once they find it.

At Sure Cans, players can talk to the NPC behind the counter and choose the buy option. Here, players will see a plethora of exclusive food items they can buy. Noodles are on sale for 280 PokeDollars, so players can buy as many as they need.

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