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There are a few different forms of currency in Overwatch 2. The currencies serve a couple of purposes, but their chief purpose is to give players the ability to purchase in-game items from the shop. Cosmetics are a major part of Overwatch 2, and players will need to acquire currency in one way or the other to own those cosmetics. While most of the currencies in Overwatch 2 are self-explanatory, there’s one, Legacy Credits, that has players confused.

Legacy Credits aren’t really given a solid explanation in Overwatch 2. While some players can certainly decipher what they are just based on the name, other players need a more in-depth answer.

Getting Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2
Provided by Blizzard

As some players might have guessed, Legacy Credits is a form of currency that has carried over from the original Overwatch. Essentially, if you’re using the same account that you used in Overwatch to play Overwatch 2 and you had leftover credits from the original, you will have that same amount of credits in the sequel. Those credits are called Legacy Credits, and they can’t currently be obtained in Overwatch 2.

There’s no way to buy them in Overwatch 2; the only way to have Legacy Credits is if you acquired them from the original game.

If you’re looking to use your Legacy Credits, you can buy cosmetics from the in-game shop using them. However, they do not hold the same value as the standard yellow Overwatch 2 Coins. Instead, you will need to pay more in Legacy Credits than you would in regular coins. Not every cosmetic in the shop takes Legacy Credits, either; this form of currency doesn’t have much of a purpose besides getting your full money’s worth from the original game.

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