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Eevee remains one of the most popular and common Pokémon in Pokemon GO.

Eevee is also one of the easiest to evolve, only requiring 25 Eevee candy. One of the things that makes Eevee so popular is its ability to evolve into eight different type-unique Pokemon, which is luckily easy to accomplish. But can you guarantee that your Eevee will become a Lefeon?

leafeon pokemon go
An Eevee with the nickname “Linnea” will evolve into Leafeon. | From Niantic and Pokemon GO

How to get Lefeon in Pokémon GO

Lefeon is a Grass-type ‘mon, introduced in the fourth generation games. Normally, players would need to seek out a moss-covered rock and level up an Eevee in proximity to it. In Pokémon GO, however, the method is much simpler, only requiring 25 Eevee Candy.

On the surface, Eevee’s evolution path seems totally random, as there is a question mark in the “Evolve” button where a Pokémon’s evolution would normally be. However, there is a secret trick that allows the player to choose Eevee’s evolution and it comes by giving the Eevee a specific nickname.

To evolve Eevee into Leafeon in Pokemon GO, a player must nickname their Eevee “Linnea” which will cause the question mark to change into Leafeon’s silhouette. Be sure to choose your ideal Eevee for this evolution, as this nickname trick will only work once.

Is Lefeon good in Pokémon GO?

Lefeon was once considered pretty good for a non-Legendary Grass-type Pokémon in GO. The seemingly peaceful nature-loving Pokémon had pretty solid stats when it came to Attack and Defense. Unfortunately, that isn’t really the case anymore.

Lefeon is simply outclassed by other Grass Pokémon now. There are many better options that offer better Defense and do more damage in battle.

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