How to get inside the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring
Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum
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How to get inside the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring

Get the giant turtle-like beast down
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One of the bigger questions that many Elden Ring fans have in their first few hours of the game is what to do about the giant Walking Mausoleums on the map. These are huge turtle-like beasts that have a mausoleum on their shell. Naturally, the mausoleums have a door, so players are curious about how to get inside, but that can’t be done until players can bring the Walking Mausoleum down to the ground.

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At first, there’s no logical way to bring the beast down. It’s too big for climbing, doesn’t take any damage from attacks and pays no attention to the player below it. However, there is one concrete method of bringing down the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring, which you can learn more about below.

Getting inside the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing on the Walking Mausoleum located in northeast Liurnia. This specific one can be found south of the Minor Erdtree in this part of the region. You can see exactly where it is on the map below.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum
The location of one Walking Mausoleum. | Provided by FromSoftware

Once you come upon a Walking Mausoleum, you want to get on Torrent and ride up to the beast’s legs. Here, you will see some white rock on its feet. You need to swing your weapon at these white rocks to knock them off. Once all of the rock is removed from the beast’s feet, it will come down to the ground and allow you inside.

Some of the Walking Mausoleums, though, like this one in Liurnia, don’t have the white rock on their feet. Instead, they have it around the mausoleum itself. In this instance, you need to find a nearby cliff and jump onto the Walking Mausoleum’s back to get at the white rock. You can lure the beast to you by shooting arrows or spells at it if you need to get it closer to a cliff.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleum
Some Walking Mausoleums are different than others. | Provided by FromSoftware

Once inside the mausoleum, you can duplicate one Remembrance you got from a demigod in Elden Ring. You can then return to Enia the Finger Reader at the Roundtable Hold to receive both items from the Remembrance.

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