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The new season of Pokémon GO, Rising Heroes, brings loads of new content including raids, spotlight hours, egg hatches and more. The Pokémon GO Battle League the debuts its own share of changes too, with several Pokémon receiving new moves.

One of these Pokémon is Exploud, an often forgotten Normal-type Pokémon from the Hoenn region. Players likely had a chance to catch a fair share of Whismur during Pokémon GO’s Hoenn Tour last month, making Exploud a prime candidate to make a splash with its new move: Boomburst.

Just like in the main series, Boomburst is an insanely powerful attack that once used to belong to very few Pokémon. Its staggering 140 base power is rivaled by few other attacks in the game, and it was one of the main reasons Exploud began appearing on the competitive viability radar all the way back in Generation 6 when the move was introduced.

Pokémon fan artist creates 3D mockups of Paradox Mr. Mime & Exploud - Gamepur

By the looks of it, Boomburst retains its “nuke” status in Pokémon GO, but doesn’t look like a good fit for Exploud in competitive Pokémon GO. A move like Boomburst requires a ton of energy to be able to use, and Exploud’s Fast Moves just aren’t good enough to enable it to use Boomburst reliably. Outside of competitive though, Boomburst remains Exploud’s most powerful Normal-type move, and could be a reliable damage option for other battle modes.

Here’s how you can get Boomburst on your very own Exploud in Pokémon GO.

How to get Exploud with Boomburst

Thankfully, Boomburst is quite simple to obtain on Exploud. First, you’ll need an Exploud. Exploud evolves from Loudred using 50 Whismur Candies. Loudred evolves from Whismur using 25 Whismur Candies.

Once you have an Exploud, there’s a chance it may already have Boomburst. This move isn’t locked behind any sort of event or Community Day, so Exploud may learn the most totally organically. In the case your Exploud doesn’t already have Boomburst, use a Charged TM to change whichever move you’d like to replace. It may take a few tries, but eventually Exploud’s strongest attack will be added to your arsenal, ready to… make some noise.

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