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While the majority of weapons you will find in Dead Island 2 are of the melee variety, you will also be able to loot some legitimate guns. You won’t be able to get your hands on a gun until around the halfway point of the story, but after that, the floodgates will open. Shotguns, pistols, and other rifles will soon be dropping from enemies or you can earn them as rewards from quests. However, a pistol specifically is somewhat difficult to find, as they seem to drop far less than other guns in Dead Island 2.

The pistol is not as powerful as a shotgun or rifle, but it’s arguably the most reliable gun in Dead Island 2. If players equip it with the right mods and attachments, they will be able to blow zombies away in a couple of shots. If you want to loot your first pistol, then keep reading below.

As a note, there will be some slight spoilers for the main story of Dead Island 2 below.

Getting a pistol in Dead Island 2

There will come a point in the main story when you need to head into the sewers. This is in an effort to get to Santa Monica, where a doctor is waiting for you. However, since the streets are flooded with zombies, the sewers are seen as a safer and quicker option.

As you progress through the sewers, you’ll begin to stumble upon some strange sights. Eventually, a quest called “The Red Mist” will pop up, and this takes place after you encounter a large mass of bodies all over the floors, walls, and ceiling of the sewers. During this quest, you will learn about a special aspect of your character, and you will enter Fury Mode.

Your first time in Fury Mode will be in a pit of this large body mass, where you need to kill dozens of zombies. After slaughtering those zombies, you will find a green pistol sitting in the middle of the floor amidst all of the blood and dead bodies.

Dead Island 2 pistol
One of the first pistols that players can find. | Provided by Dambuster Studios/Upcomer

This is the first instance that I encountered a pistol in Dead Island 2. However, it’s possible that you could find one earlier than I did based on the quests you complete and the areas you explore. You can immediately equip the pistol by opening your weapon wheel and selecting it.

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