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The first-ever Little Legend in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is celebrating its birthday today. Pengu, the penguin with a sword and a party horn, was first revealed last year on June 26. Pengu is the unofficial mascot for TFT, and players will soon be able to get one for free. Here’s how.

How to get a free Pengu

You can get a free Pengu by simply playing a game of TFT during Patch 10.14. Patch 10.13 just went live three days ago, and Patch 10.14 should go live on Wednesday, July 8. It doesn’t matter if you choose to play a ranked game or a normal game, and everyone can get one.

If you have never played a match of TFT before, you can find the game in the League of Legends client by clicking “play” and then selecting “Teamfight Tactics”. You can then choose to play a normal or ranked game.

What if I’ve never played TFT?

If you’ve never played TFT, don’t worry. You can always play a normal game with no stakes. You should try to play a few normal games to get a feel for how auto-chess works. It’s a turn-based game mode that involves managing your economy to get strong units that battle each other.

To play TFT, you use a Little Legend that collects units and items off of the field. If you don’t have any Little Legends, you will use the default River Sprite. If you unlock Pengu by playing a game, you can then use it as your Little Legend instead.

If you need a place to get started, make sure to check out our economy guide for TFT. Don’t miss out on this chance to claim your free Pengu, even if you don’t play the game mode right now. You never know when you may want Pengu in the future!

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