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While most of your combat in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will utilize a lightsaber and some kind of stance, you can also obtain a Blaster gun at some point in the story. Of course, a lightsaber will usually be the better overall choice, as you have much more freedom to deal with enemies the way you want. Lightsabers have far more skills than the Blaster, but it’s still nice to deal some damage at long range for a change.

You will not have access to the Blaster from the start of the game, however, which might lead players to believe that the game does not give you one at all. This is not true — as all you have to do is wait a few missions. Here’s exactly how to get your hands on a Blaster right away.

Fair warning, though, as there are minor spoilers for the story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor in the explanation.

Getting a Blaster gun in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

You will not be able to acquire the Blaster gun until you have reached Jedha, a moon that Cal and his crew visits after the events on Koboh. Jedha is where a lot of familiar faces are located, and players will need to visit there to advance the main story.

Luckily, the Blaster is not some collectible that you have to go out of your way to find. Instead, one of the characters gives it to you during a cutscene for the main story, so it’s an impossible item to miss. Once you have the Blaster, you can change your stance to use it. Also, you now have access to a new skill tree in the Lightsaber section, simply called “Blaster.”

Here, you can unlock new abilities for the Blaster that will make it more proficient in combat.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor blaster gun
The Blaster is its own weapon with a separate stance and attacks. | Provided by EA/Upcomer

If I had to guess, it will take players anywhere from five to eight hours to reach the point in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor where the Blaster is obtained. So you have that long to wait before you can start shooting enemies.

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