How to fix The Ettin AMR9 Aftermarket Part not unlocking in MW3
Unlock the Ettin Aftermarket Part in AMR9
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How to fix The Ettin AMR9 Aftermarket Part not unlocking in MW3

You're not alone if you can't unlock the part

The Week 6 Challenge have gone live in Call of Duty MW3, Warzone, and Zombies. The reward for completing five challenges in Week 6 is The Ettin Aftermarket Part for the AMR9 submachine gun.

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This Aftermarket Parket gives the AMR9 access to a double-barrel attachment, making it more deadly up close but worse at range. While the attachment certainly sounds enticing to many aggressive players, The Ettin has not been able to be unlocked by anyone, despite players completing the five necessary challenges in Week 6. In this guide, I’ll show you if there’s any way to fix this issue and gain access to The Ettin.

Can you unlock The Ettin AMR9 attachment in MW3?

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Unfortunately, this issue with the Weekly Challenge rewards has become a pattern for the developers at Sledgehammer Games. The Week 2 reward, an Aftermarket Part for the TYR, is still not available for use even after players complete their five challenges. The same issue is popping up for The Ettin, and there is no timetable for a potential fix.

If you go to equip The Ettin Aftermarket Part in the Conversion Kit section of the Gunsmith for the AMR9, it will simply say there is no available part to equip. This is obviously incorrect and a problem the developers need to solve sooner rather than later. The issue with the TYR’s Aftermarket Part is likely the same one that’s preventing The Ettin from being used, so we will likely see both of those parts become usable whenever a fix does come through via a patch.

The next update in MW3 and Warzone is a balancing patch for battle royale on Jan. 11, so it’s possible a fix for the locked Aftermarket Parts could arrive with that. However, the more likely date for a fix is Jan. 17, which is when the Season 1 Reloaded update arrives. That update is going to be much bigger, so there’s a better chance that’s when The Ettin becomes usable.

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For now, you will have to wait to use the possibly new and improved AMR9 with The Ettin Aftermarket Part in MW3 and Warzone.

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