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Palworld is an early-access game, so as you’d expect there are some issues that will show up. One of these is a bug that sees players’ Pals stuck in combat despite no enemies being around.

This can be a big pain as it means your base Pals won’t be doing their jobs as they are on alert for battle. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do that can fix the problem.

How to fix Palworld stuck in combat bug

A small green creature with blue hair running, carrying an AK-47 through snowy trees.
Image via Pocketpair

If your Pals are stuck in combat mode there are two options. The first is to build and use an Alarm Bell at your base, but if this doesn’t work there’s still another way to fix it.

The Alam Bell can be unlocked from level four and requires 20 Stone and 5 Paldium Fragments to build. When activated this item will change the status of your base Pals to attack, or to work. This is a great fix for the combat issue as it can be used to ensure the Pals only focus on their jobs.

If that doesn’t work to fix your problem, one Palworld player on Reddit has shared a neat trick that can also help get your Pals unstuck from combat mode.

  1. Go find a wild Pal and get its attention
  2. Have the Pal follow you back to base
  3. Let your base Pals take it out

That should be enough to stop the Pals from being stuck in combat and see them get back to work. These are two things you should try if you encounter an error in your game, and with any luck, it will get things back to normal.