How to fix Overwatch 2 push to talk voice chat not working
Overwatch 2 voice chat
Provided by Blizzard

How to fix Overwatch 2 push to talk voice chat not working

Get back to talking in-game

A game like Overwatch 2 is all about communication. Whether you’re solo-queueing or you’re in a full party of teammates, you need to communicate in order to have the best chance at winning a match. Unfortunately, some Overwatch 2 players have seen their communication methods stimied in recent weeks with a voice chat bug popping up. This voice chat bug seems to affect players who use the push to talk feature. Their voice chat won’t work, even when they’re pressing the input that allows them to talk through their mic to their teammates.

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If you’re experiencing this issue in Overwatch 2, you’re not alone. Of course, that’s not much comfort when you are unable to talk to your team. In this guide, we’ll lay out some potential fixes to this bug so you can get back to communicating at a normal level.

Fix Overwatch 2 voice chat

Overwatch 2 Voice Chat
Provided by Blizzard

First and foremost, you want to head into your settings in Overwatch 2 and ensure that everything is correct. This involves checking that your microphone is the right one and that voice chat is set to “push to talk.” You also want to have your Team Voice Chat and Group Voice Chat settings set to “Auto Join.”

You also want to ensure that you have the right push to talk keybind set. This is done by going to Controls and viewing the Chat and Voice tab. Here, you can see exactly what keybind is bound to push to talk.

If everything looks right in the settings, then you’ll need to head out of game to try and resolve the problem. First, ensure that Overwatch 2 and your system are fully updated. If you have a Windows update pending, for example, that could be affecting your audio.

With those checks done, you can attempt to close out of Overwatch 2 and relaunch, but this time as an Administrator. This only works on PC, and it’s done by right-clicking the Overwatch 2 desktop icon and pressing “Run as Admin.” This will give priority to the game over other applications, such as Discord.

The last fixes are simple restarts. You can try to restart your game, your system, and, if need be, you might want to uninstall and reinstall Overwatch 2. Aside from those fixes, there might not be much more you can do until the developers release a patch to solve this issue.

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