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If you’ve logged on to Modern Warfare 3 and discovered that your event tab is missing, you’re going to find it very difficult to unlock some of the cool rewards that Sledgehammer have on offer. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix if your MW3 events tab isn’t appearing.

There are always events going on in Call of Duty these days, and Modern Warfare 3 certainly continues that trend. With each event, players can use the XP they have earned in public matches to unlock cosmetic items like calling cards, emblems, and weapon skins.

Unfortunately, when you open your games, this event tab is nowhere to be seen, meaning you’re missing out on how much XP you need to earn, and those sweet rewards. The good news is that the fix is easy, and we can tell you how.

How to make MW3’s event tab reappear

The fix is simple: Restart your game. This may sound too easy, but oftentimes the simple answer is the most effective one.

If that doesn’t work, shut down your PC or console, leave it for 30 seconds, then boot it back up and try again. Sometimes a full system reset is required for it to reappear, but still, not anything too difficult.

Is the events tab still tracking my progress?

Yes, the events tab is still tracking your XP even if you can’t see it. The next time you get it to appear, all your earned XP will be right there, unlocking new cosmetics for you. So don’t worry if you don’t feel like restarting, as everything will be waiting for you next time you boot up.

An image of MW3's Vortex: War's Domain event, showing the black and red Magma camo.
You can get the Magma camo if you grind hard enough. Screenshot via Upcomer

The current event is titled Vortex: War’s Domain, and runs until Wednesday, January 17. Players can unlock the special Magma camo by earning a whopping 458,500 XP, so keep playing if you want to get your hands on it before it ends.

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