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Counter-Strike 2 limited test
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How to fix long queue times in CS2

Counter-Strike 2 is here and FPS players are excited to finally get their hands on the highly anticipated shooter. Meant to be an improvement on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS2 is ready to take over the competitive gaming space. But first, you’ll have to get into a match. Unfortunately, the queue times have been pretty stressful opening day.

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A lot of gamers have been complaining about the queue times in Counter-Strike 2. Now, the developers have responded on X.

“Turns out a lot of you want to play Counter-Strike 2,” the tweet read. “If you’re having trouble finding a match it’s  because we’ve hit server capacity in different regions.”

In the same tweet, CS2 devs claimed that they are “adding more server capacity” as fast as possible.

How long are the CS2 queues right now?

A lot of gamers have complained about the Counter-Strike 2 queue times. Most have stated that it’s taken between 10 and 40 minutes to find a match.

Want to shorten queue times? There are a few things you can do:

  • Check your ping
  • Queue up with friends
  • Restart the game
  • Change matchmaking settings

Unfortunately, you may have to wait it out right now. There’s just a lot of people trying to play Counter-Strike 2 at once and many servers are at capacity. Valve will most likely tweet an update when the issue is resolved.