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How to fix Enshrouded dedicated servers not showing up error

The joys of early access.

Enshrouded is here but being an early access game, as you’d expect there are some problems. One of these issues is causing dedicated servers to become hidden for some players.

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This can be massively frustrating if you’re trying to play alongside your friends on a specific server, or just trying to pick up progress from where you’ve been playing. Fortunately, there are a few things to try that might just solve the issue.

How to fix Enshrouded dedicated servers not showing up

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Sadly, right now there is no surefire fix for the Enshrouded error popping up that is not showing the player’s dedicated servers, however, there are several things you can try that might work for you.

Your first port of call with any major server issues in Enshrouded, or other online games should be to check the server status. If Enshrouded servers are having trouble that might be the cause of your problem, so here’s how to check what their current status is.

If you check and there are no server issues we suggest giving the following ideas a go.

If you launch the game without Steam online you might find that your server can be seen once again. You can do this by putting Steam in offline mode and booting up the game. If you’re not familiar here is the process to do that.

  1. Go to where you have saved your Enshrouded files on your PC
  2. Quit Steam from the taskbar
  3. Find and run the enshrouded_server.exe file as administrator (this should be in your game folder)

Don’t stress if that doesn’t work you can also try favoriting your server on Steam. This might be all you need to do so that it shows up once again, and the process is done as follows.

  1. Open Steam
  2. From the View dropdown choose Game Servers
  3. Now select Favorites
  4. Add a new favorite at the bottom by registering your IP Address

Sadly if these two fixes don’t work then you’re going to have to revert to basic troubleshooting processes. This includes restarting your PC, modem, and perhaps even uninstalling and reinstalling Enshrouded entirely.

If the problem continues to persist we suggest launching a support ticket so that the devs become aware and eventually roll out a solution to the problem.

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