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A new week has begun in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 and that means fresh Alien Artifacts have arrived on the island. The Artifacts include a brand new item in Season 7 that serves the purpose of upgrading the Kymera skin. Players can find Artifacts in order to unlock new styles for each part of Kymera.

Each week in Season 7 will see a fresh set of the Alien Artifacts appear on the map. However, those from the previous week will still remain where they were located. This gives players the chance to scoop up any Artifacts that they may have missed. It takes 360 Artifacts to fully upgrade Kymera and unlock every style, so finding every one of them throughout the weeks is essential.

Finding the Week 2 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7

Just like the first week’s Artifacts, the Week 2 set is spread out across the entire island. Also, there are still only five to be found in Week 2. For those wondering how they’ll ever get to 360 Artifacts using this method, Cosmic Chests offer 15 per week as well. Their locations change throughout the weeks but require an entire team to open.

The Week 2 Artifacts have already been located, thanks to the work of Fortnite data miners. Popular miner @HYPEX has provided a full map that details where players can find each Week 2 Artifact.

The locations for the Artifacts are as follows:

  • Far west of Believer Beach, on the edge of the map
  • Northeast of Pleasant Park
  • South of Corny Complex and East of the purple crater
  • North of Retail Row, on the side of the snowy mountain
  • Southwest of Lazy Lake, on the left side island in the lake

As long as players are diligent about acquiring the Artifacts, it shouldn’t take more than a few matches to obtain all five. The Artifacts reset in the middle of each week throughout Season 7.