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A new week of Fortnite has arrived and that means a couple of things for veterans of Season 7 and beyond. Week 10 challenges are going live on Thursday, Aug 12, giving players more opportunity to grab some late-season XP. A brand new set of Alien Artifacts are going to be discoverable on the island as well.

The Alien Artifacts are a mainstay in Season 7, releasing every week. They give players a chance to upgrade their Kymera skin, which is unlocked through the Battle Pass. The Week 10 Alien Artifacts haven’t officially released yet, but they can be found in the Battle Lab. Some members of the community have already found them.

The Week 10 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7

Outside of a couple glitched locations, there have been five artifacts each week in Season 7. Each location drop is worth 4 separate Alien Artifacts. They can also be found in cosmic chests. The artifacts in Week 10 are spread out across the Fortnite island. Most players won’t be able to find them all in one match, but may be able to tackle everything within two.

Below, players can see the locations of all five Alien Artifacts in Week 10 of Fortnite:

Week 10 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite
The five Alien Artifacts in Week 10 | Provided by Epic Games
  1. The docks of Shanty Town west of Slurpy Swamp
  2. On the road by Stumpy ridge southeast of Weeping Woods
  3. In a flatbed at Destined Dish southeast of Misty Meadows
  4. At the solar panels on the snowy mountain southeast of Catty Corner
  5. In a busted elevator shaft at Sharky Shell north of Coral Castle

Those are the five locations of the Week 10 artifacts. Once players find them all, they can search Cosmic Chests for more chances at upgrading Kymera.