How to find the Supply Box UAV killstreak in Warzone Season 5
Supply Box UAV killstreak Warzone
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How to find the Supply Box UAV killstreak in Warzone Season 5

The newest killstreak in Warzone

A fresh killstreak is entering Call of Duty: Warzone with the Season 5 update that’s sure to shake up the game.

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The Supply Box UAV killstreak is coming with the initial Season 5 update in Warzone on Aug. 24, and players need to know exactly what it is before they can make use of it. That’s because the Supply Box UAV works in a different way from most other killstreaks in the game. Instead of providing an advantage for players over their opponents, the Supply Box UAV gives players an advantage they can use to find a stronger item in Warzone.

Season 5 of Warzone is delivering a plethora of content. From the Rage Serum Field Upgrade to three new weapons at or around the launch date of Aug. 24, fans have much to look forward to this week. The Supply Box UAV killstreak might be the most confusing piece of content, though, so allow us to break it down.

The Supply Box UAV in Warzone

The Supply Box UAV is a killstreak that shows all unopened Supply Boxes on your tactical map for 15 seconds. This is especially helpful at the beginning of a game when your loot might not be the best and you need to open supply boxes to gather stronger loot. In order to find the Supply Box UAV, you need to look through supply boxes or you can purchase it from a Buy Station.

One additional aspect of the Supply Box UAV is that it helps lead you to the Personal Supply Box. This supply box is “extremely rare” and will grant players with their preferred Warzone loadout automatically and for free. The devs have stated that using the Supply Box UAV killstreak will help track down the Personal Supply Box. However, it’s unknown if players can find the Personal Supply Box without the aid of the Supply Box UAV killstreak.

Players will be able to make full use of these new supply boxes and killstreak when Season 5 of Warzone launches on Aug. 24.

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