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Fortnite Season 8 introduced a plethora of content, both on the actual island and outside it. Of course, off-island content, like cosmetics, is directly affected by the player’s actions on the map. This is exemplified with the Cube Assassin, one of the main bosses in Fortnite Season 8. Like all bosses, players want to eliminate her in order to gain access to her loot for use in that specific match.

However, in Season 8, there’s an ulterior motive for killing the Cube Assassin. Once players have unlocked the Toona Fish Battle Pass skin, they can defeat the Cube Assassin to unlock a new character style for the skin. This will then don Toona Fish in the assassin’s outfit for future use in Fortnite. So, with a few different motives for killing the Cube Assassin, players need to know where they can find her on the Fortnite map.

Locating the Cube Assassin in Fortnite Season 8

Unlike other bosses in the past, the Cube Assassin doesn’t necessarily patrol a single area of the island. She’s actually located inside of the Sideways, which is a new addition to Fortnite Season 8. Players can enter the Sideways by either finding a Sideways zone — giant purple bubbles that cover an entire POI — or through the anomalies on the map — which look like rifts and can be spotted on the map at the beginning of a match.

To find the Cube Assassin, though, players must enter the Sideways through an anomaly. The Sideways Zone doesn’t hold the boss.

Fortnite Cube Assassin
One of the Sideways Anomalies in Fortnite Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games

The Cube Assassin will only appear after players have defeated waves of Cube Monsters. This is a timed event as well, so players need to be well-prepared before they enter the Sideways. Unfortunately, even if players defeat the monster waves, there’s no guarantee that the Cube Assassin will appear. If she doesn’t show, players will have to try another anomaly.

However, if she does show, players can take her down. This is usually a job for a team of players, as she’s tough to eliminate solo. If players do attempt a solo run, they need to be well-stocked on weapons, meds, shields and ammo.

Once players have eliminated the Cube Assassin, they can leave the Sideways and she will appear as a ghost on the island. Players can then buy Cube Monster upgrade parts to improve the Sideways weapons. Also, players will unlock her character style for Toona Fish.