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There are several Safehouses in Redfall that require a generator key in order to power on and activate. Naturally, these generator keys are not the easiest item to find, and players can often spend several minutes looking around the generator before finding its key. One prime example of a tough key to find is the Chickering Safehouse Generator key, which is found on the Burial Point map in Redfall.

Safehouses are especially important in Burial Point, as players will eventually need six Vampire Underboss Skulls if they want to challenge Miss Whisper and Bloody Tom. Since Safehouse missions are the only way to acquire Vampire Underboss Skulls, players will need to unlock several of them in order to progress in the story.

So, if you need the Chickering Safehouse unlocked for this purpose, you can read below for where to find its generator key.

Finding the Chickering Safehouse Generator key in Redfall

If players are looking straight at the generator, they can go left and enter the door to the building. From here, all players need to do is go straight to find a green and well-lit desk countertop. On top of the counter is the Chickering Safehouse Generator key, which players can pick up and bring back out to the generator.

How to find the Chickering Safehouse Generator key in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

Use the key on the generator and then interact with it again to turn it on. This will activate the Chickering Safehouse and allow players to enter the underground bunker. Here, players can accept a new Safehouse mission that will then unlock a mission that offers the Vampire Underboss Skull as a reward.

The Safehouse also offers a restock on ammo and medical supplies as well as Rewire Kits and Lockpicks.

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