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There are several locations that have returned or even stayed the same in Fortnite Season 8. Steel Farm is one of those locations but many players don’t even know it’s in Fortnite due to it not being a named POI. However, through the weekly challenges in previous seasons or the new Punchcard quests in Season 8, players need to know where it’s located on the island.

With the newest update in Fortnite, Epic Games added two new NPCs to the game in Grim Fable and Big Mouth. These NPCs have their own set of new Punchcard quests, which players can complete for 30,000 XP apiece. Early on in a season, that amount of XP is quite a large sum. One of Big Mouth’s quests, in particular, involves players going to Steel Farm. However, some players are missing out on their 30,000 XP because they don’t know where it is.

Finding Steel Farm in Fortnite

Steel Farm is located directly near Fortnite’s only other big farm, Corny Crops. If players look just to the northeast of Corny Crops, they’ll spot an intersecting river, a patch of grass and one building in the middle of the two rivers. This area is Steel Farm. It’s not much, as it’s not a named POI, but the farm is large enough to drop at from the Battle Bus.

Steel Farm in Fortnite
The location of Steel Farm in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players are at Steel Farm, they can complete Big Mouth’s first Punchcard quests, which requires players to open two chests. There are several chest spawns at the farm, with the most being inside of the main house. After players have found and searched two chests, they’ll complete this Punchcard quest and earn 30,000 XP for their Fortnite Battle Pass. They can move on to Big Mouth’s other quests, the next involving searching an Ice Machine in Fortnite.