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One of the most iconic skins in Fortnite’s history has come to Season 8 in the form of an NPC named Raven. Epic Games added them to the island along with Nitehare to continue the trend of introducing new NPCs each week. These two carry their own Punchcard questlines with them that players can complete for Battle Pass XP. Each questline has five challenges that are worth 30,000 XP each.

This article will focus on Raven and where players can find them on the map to start their questline. Raven was originally introduced was back in Chapter 1 of Fortnite and quickly grew into one of the game’s most popular skins. Now, in Season 8, players can visit them on the island and earn some XP while doing so.

Find Raven in Fortnite Season 8

Unlike some of the other NPCs in Fortnite Season 8, Raven is located at an unnamed POI. This location is the Hydro 16 Power Plant, which is smack dab in the middle of Misty Meadows and Sludgy Swamp. Players can land on or traverse their way to the location in order to speak to Raven and start their Punchcard questline.

Raven's location in Fortnite
Raven’s location on the Fortnite Season 8 map. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players get to the power plant, they’ll see a talking bubble appear. This indicates where Raven is stationed. Raven can either be inside of the power plant building or patrolling the area outside. After players speak to them, they’ll begin the Dark Skies questline, which consists of five challenges. There’s a potential 150,000 XP up for grabs, so players should try and complete the tasks as quickly as possible.

The first three challenges in the questline are somewhat difficult but the last two are fairly simple. After players have completed all of the quests, they’ll need to wait until next week when Epic Games adds more NPCs to Fortnite Season 8. Or, players can take on Nitehare’s quests if they haven’t completed those yet.