How to find lockpicks in Redfall
How to find lockpicks in Redfall
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How to find lockpicks in Redfall

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From the very start in Redfall, you will need a few different items to get you through most of the game. The most important item you need is a weapon with a stake attached to it, as this is the only way to fully eliminate vampires. Some other crucial items are medical supplies, ammunition, and lockpicks. While lockpicks might not seem like as vital of an item, you will quickly learn that they are needed for a multitude of reasons in Redfall.

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Not only do lockpicks allow you to access loot that you would not have otherwise been able to find, but they open doors that are necessary to completing quests. As a result, players will likely be spending time searching for lockpicks throughout the town of Redfall. If you want to simplify things and never have to worry about lockpicks, though, you can keep reading our guide below.

Finding lockpicks in Redfall

First and foremost, you can always find lockpicks in random locations across the map. From shelves in a house to inside of a supply crate, lockpicks are found all over. Of course, this is a fairly inefficient way of finding the item, as you need to get lucky with the location you search.

If you want to ensure you always have a lockpick on you, then you need to head to the fire station in Redfall. Here, you can go to the back room with Eva, which is next to the weapons store that’s run by Anna and Joe. In this room, to the right of Eva, you will find the Lost and Found.

find lockpicks in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

At this store, you can find lockpicks for sale for 1,250 coins each. In my experience, the Lost and Found was always stocked with as many lockpicks as I needed. You can have up to three lockpicks on you at one time, so can you fill up your inventory at the Lost and Found each time you are back in the fire station.

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